Erica Angeli

gennaio 21, 2017

Minimelanie: The Art of Jewels Truffles and Cakes

Minimelanie is art, design and taste:  where truffles and cakes look like jewels in New York.   If you are in NY it’s a must place for foodie lovers an chocolate addicted. The owner Melanie Moss went to culinary school in New York City and worked in Paris as well and start her own business where Make it Simple and Beautiful is her trade mark. The ingredients are natural sugars and no corn syrup, they are painted by hand and sometimes you think it’s a pity to eat them. They are also providing delivery and catering, and special wedding cake. Minimelanie […]
gennaio 18, 2017

Happy Bday Philippe Starck !

Art Food Lab celebrate Philippe Starck‘s birthday with a video of iconic Juicy Salif. He made the history of design with a collection of amazing works that link simplement art and food the way we like it.   The object is revolutionary and simply functional, the esthetic line is what is all about Stark’s work: a pleasure for eyes and  functional. Watch the video! Video by Connections At Home LTD Buy at
gennaio 14, 2017

Levine+Hargreaves: Seasonal Foods

What’s in your shopping bag to cook on January? Watch this ! FOOD SCANS: an art project that brings us to reflect on ecological awareness and a sustainable food choices. Fruits and vegetables harvested in the season symmetries of great beauty, details and color effects photographed by the artistic duo Levine + Hargreaves. Eating according to nature means to choose products that do not need artifice or preservatives, but also contain the transport and storage costs. That’s why it is essential to know the seasonal products, through the beautiful images in 12 months of the project FOOD SCAN and choose […]
gennaio 14, 2017

AFL Insta Follow: Paul Fuentes

AFL Insa Follow: PAUL FUENTES Mexican based artist Paul Fuentes really cheers up our weeekend. Clever and colorful artworks from this graphic designer who smartly mix art and food. Follow on his Instagram or buy on line – link below Buy this amazing artworks
gennaio 12, 2017

FOOD. The Revolutionary NYC Restaurant

Simply called FOOD. The Revolutionary NYC Restaurant. If they ask me where and in which time of the past I would lived in I would straight answer: New York City, 1970. As far as I know there is no De Loren DMC-12 that brings me back there as seen in Back to Future, but watching films and documentary make me feel like I am there with my mind.  In my searching I have found a beautiful video documentary about the famous restaurant FOOD, founded in 1971 by Carol Gooden, Tina Girouard and Gordon Matta-Clark in Soho, New York. Reused and […]
gennaio 7, 2017


Elad Yifrach and the eclectic home of your dreams. AFL INSTAGRAM pick to FOLLOW – Elad Yifrach, travels around the world to look for beautiful design objects. The result of this estethic search is the amazing collection of L’Object, a home decoration luxury house, where you can find the object of your desire or just dream about having the most elegant kitchen supply as in a Alladin fairy tale.
novembre 11, 2016

PHOTO of the MONTH – The Geometric Shape of Food

Deconstructed and reconstructed food with dimension 2.5 cm created into perfect cubes by the artistic duo Lernert and Sander for the Dutch magazine De Volkskran. Buy the poster here
novembre 9, 2016

EVENT – 10th November 2016 – THE GRAND GELINAZ! SHUFFLE TWO(2)

Thursday, November 10th 2016 will see the return of the international ‘restaurant swap’ THE GRAND GELINAZ! SHUFFLE(2). This global collaboration involves 40 of the world’s most pioneering and cutting-edge chefs, cooking simultaneously across continents and time zones in a one-off worldwide restaurant shuffle. Following the success of the inaugural Shuffle in 2015 – an unprecedented feat which saw 37 chefs from across the globe swap restaurants, homes and personal lives for four days – THE GRAND GELINAZ! SHUFFLE TWO(2) will emulate last year’s formula, but with a greater number of participating chefs. From Brazil to Russia; Australia to Japan, the […]
novembre 6, 2016

AFL DESIGN #2 Must-have : “Champagne Glasses”

Sagaform Club Champagne Glasses Gli oggetti del desiderio scelti per voi da AFL SHOP  
novembre 5, 2016


Insta FOLLOW – The art of the Chilean chef Rodolfo Guzman. His culinary curiosity leads him into the desert to discover unknown ingredients with unusual shapes, to bring them on the palates of its customers at Boragò restaurant in Santiago, Chile.   Follow on Instagram