Can DESIGN save the OCEAN ?

“Life below water: for people and planet”

This year, for the first time, World Wildlife Day is dedicated to our oceans, with the theme: “Life below water: for people and planet”. Pollution, loss of coastal habitats and climate change has change 40% our planet’s oceans and the species that live within. It does not really get into your life until you’ll find fish on your table with plastic inside their stomach or you see the beautiful exemplar of Tortuga Caretta Caretta dyieng because they ingest to much plastic in Italian Coast in Tirreno sea.


PHOTO of what, the Institute of Marine Tortuga Research of Marine di Portici, found in the stomach of a Tortuga Caretta Caretta.


—>>STOP BUYING PLASTIC ! …How? You might ask 😉 SUPPORTING ECOLOGICAL PACKAGING PRODUCTS and BRAND who INVEST in INNOVATING Recycling Materials. AFL STAFF researched some projects and hope you enjoy.

PS: BIG problems are Plastic Bottles. If you buy water in plastic bottles and want to get rid of this insane expense, buy a filter kettle to make your tab water taste better, do make infused water with Lemon, Ginger and Mint Leaves.

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Roza Janusz has created an alternative to plastic pack, made from organic material that can either be eaten, or composted. The project is called Scoby, and it’s all made of bacteria and yeast, which is created through a fermentation process.




Ph Credit Kosuke Araki

From recycled food waste, designer Kosuke Araki has created a collection called ANIMA beautiful tableware made.





From food waste Emma Sicher with bacteria and yeasts create disposable packaging. By fermenting microbial cellulose a culture of bacteria and yeast new sustainable objects are born. The project is From Peel to Peel.





Italian designers Simone Caronni, Paolo Stefano Gentile and Pietro Gaeli have created an ecological packaging for fries made from potato skins. Called Peel Saver, the packaging is made of starch and fibre components.



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